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How Freedom Works

The Freedom Service    Account Administration    Check-In Check-Out Process    Automated Software Updates    Updates & Rollbacks    Website Hosting   
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This is a brief overview of the Freedom system architecture, which answers some of the most commonly asked questions regarding user interaction and system requirements.

The Freedom ServiceTop of Page

Your Freedom Account is managed from a centralized server at a professional hosting facility. Having the main processing servers under DNA control allows us to lower the expense of setup and reduce deployment time.

Account AdministrationTop of Page

DNA will first create your freedom web site by customizing one of our web site templates, converting an existing web site or creating a custom design. We will create user accounts for you, up to the set amount defined in your maintenance plan. Each user account beyond that set amount will incur an extra $9/month charge.

FTP administration is a common source of concern. Once the initial FTP account is created, all further FTP activity is handled by Freedom, removing any need for user administration.

Check-In Check-Out ProcessTop of Page

Freedom accounts are managed through a check-in check-out process. This prevents other maintainers from checking-out the web site while you are working on it, avoiding overwrites.

Automated Software UpdatesTop of Page

Freedom automatically checks to make sure you are using the most current available version of the software. If you do not have the most current version, Freedom will update your system for you.

Updates & RollbacksTop of Page

All updates are recorded and then stored on our server. We keep records up to 5 generations back. If any unwanted changes or updates occur, a rollback can be performed in order to retrieve any data that has been accidentally lost.

Website HostingTop of Page

When it comes to web site hosting, there are no restrictions. We can host your web site, your web site can be hosted by any third party or you can host it on your own servers. The only thing that we require is a dedicated directory for your Freedom web site and an active FTP account to that directory.
If you do not have a server you are currently hosting on, or you are thinking about outsourcing your hosting needs, keep in mind that DNA offers professional hosting services at a very reasonable price.
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Web Site Design and Maintenance
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Web Site Design and Maintenance Web Site Design and Maintenance